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Get Organized Now! NEWSLETTER
By Maria Gracia
February 18, 2017

  Thought of the Week From Maria

How to Complete Something You've Been Procrastinating On

Like most busy people, I have a long list of TO DOs in both my personal life and my business life. On that list, in order for anything to get done, some items must take priority.

I have two lists...a Master List and a Daily TO DO list.

My Master List is long. It's a 'laundry list' of everything I have to do, or may like to do. Next to each TO DO, I have a priority letter, A, B, or C, depending on how important and/or urgent that TO DO is.

My Daily TO DO List is short. I only allow 4 items on it at a time...and nothing else goes on it until those 4 items are done. Sometimes, I get those 4 TO DOs done in one hour. Sometimes, it takes me a day or two. It all depends on the complexity of the tasks. The only time I bring over 4 new items is when the old 4 TO DOs are done.

This is a wonderful system that I've been using for years. There is one small flaw's very easy for me, on my Master List, to ignore a non-urgent item and never bring it over to my TO DO list. You know the one...that one item that you really should do, but you don't really want to tackle for one reason or another.

As of late, I began noticing that one item still on my Master List for quite some time...never making it over to my TO DO list, and turning into a small thorn in my side every time I saw it there.

So, a few days ago, when I finished my 4 TO DOs on my Daily TO DO List, and was ready to transfer over the next four...I finally brought that one thorny TO DO over with three other tasks. I tackled the other three first...and then was left with the one TO DO I've been putting off.

I began working on it, knowing I had to get it done before I could begin working on my next four TO DOs...because THAT is MY RULE. I don't break good rules.

And you will never, ever, in a million years, guess what happened? I worked on that thorny TO DO, until it was DONE. It was actually a really nice accomplishment that served me very well in my business, and now it is done, off my list, and not causing me any more grief.

So, how do you accomplish something you're procrastinating on? You simply make a decision to get it done...and then you do it until it's done.

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  NEW To Do This Week

Week Beginning February 18th

___ Love your pet. February 20th is 'Love Your Pet Day'...a day to give your pet(s) a little extra loving care. Make any veterinary or grooming appointments required, switch out a ratty old leash or water bowl, or simply take some extra time (even if you're pressed for time) to give them extra love and attention.

___ Straighten up one messy spot. Choose a spot in your home or office that's beginning to look a bit messy. For instance, a nightstand that's cluttered with phone and eBook chargers, medication, book lights, packets of tissues, and magazines, may look a lot less chaotic when these items are placed in a nice basket or 'treasure box' from a craft store.

___ Weed out a purse or two. If you have a closet filled with purses, many of which you don't use, why not say goodbye to one or two? Bring them to your local charity so someone else could make use of them.

  Final Thoughts

In Closing

'Don't wait. The time will never be just right.'
-Napoleon Hill

And remember...Being organized creates a
happier, healthier, more fulfilling life!


Maria Gracia
Get Organized Now!

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-- Maria Gracia